This wordpress plugin allows you to change cookies (path, domain, »cookieHash ») parameters used by WordPress.

3 parameters are configurable for 3 fonctions:

  1. the cookie path : if you set to « / », it allows you to share wordpress cookies with other directories that
  2. the cookie domain : if you want to share cookies with subdomains, set it to « ».
  3. cookieHash : wordpress append its cookies name with this cookieHash (ex : wordpressuser_d12345674896fe515e5b1ea15e7192e3 or wordpressuser_cookieHash)
    If you know what you are doing, do it 🙂

Very easy install, just follow normal plugin activation process:

  1. download it
  2. put it in your « plugins » directory
  3. active it in « plugins » administration panel
  4. go in the « Options->setCookie » administration panel and set cookie parameter as you want

If you have questions, please ask them in the dedicated forum.

FAQ : I activated the plugin and set cookiePath to « / ». Why does it does not word at all ?!

This plugin define the « wp_setcookie » function. But some other plugins defines it also …. That’s why I named the file _setCookieParams (with the leading underscore « _ »). Because wordpress loads plugins in alphabetic order, so « _set… » will be loaded first, except if you have another plugin beginning with « _ ».