Category : visitors
Rank :
Difficulty (81)
Groupe : 1 diabolo ,
flying stick ,
throwing ,
pre-requisites :
exit duicide droppes integral

exit duicide droppes integral

duicide exit with dropped intagral

This figure is quite simple when you master the full release. It is to start the diabolo and sticks with a rope held with the right hand once the rods are made around the diabolo once (instead of starting in infinite or mini catch).


This requires you dropped your wrap with full internal (if not the diabolo falls ...) and launch high enough so that the rods face a full rotation of the dolly as duicide normal.

Then you your dolly catches up and start playing.


Run up the dolly to enable the rods to turn the dolly for the duicide is complete.

The string must be of normal length to a juggling diabolo (between the shoulders and chest)

Good luck and good diabolo
Figure écrite par soosama.

© Thierry Bottaro