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Difficulty (9)
Groupe : 1 diabolo ,
pre-requisites :
pirates head

pirates head

cool trick and stop

Throw diabolo, make an X with the 2 stick and catch back the diabolo on the sticks. Just spread your arms to put the diabolo back on the string. You must have a "Big-ring-diabolo" for this trick.

You do the same thing but with one hand for handing the 2 sticks in X. And you can salute your public for the end of the show. The diabolo will stop in the X

whitediab, le 17 Sep 2008

je ne comprend pas très bien puisque mon diab s'arrette d'un coup...

help me


dictator, le 17 Sep 2008

citation du site: Entraxe large obligatoire !

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