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stuff 7 figures How To choose a Diabolo
theory 1 figure History of diabolo
beginning 5 figures Easy start
acceleration 5 figures Easy start
start 5 figures Easy start
various 11 figures throw and catch back
suns 9 figures Sun
knots 14 figures The swing
flying stick 20 figures Funambulist, Released stick !
throwing 8 figures fake knot (or crossed funambulist)
sticks 5 figures The Coucou
whipped 3 figures Whipped
satellite 7 figures Satellite
combos 3 figures under arm combo
stop 1 figure SPINNING TOP
infinite flying stick 5 figures infinite flying stick
catch 9 figures catch diabolo-stick
integral 9 figures Joona's infinite suicide
excalibur 14 figures excalibur
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