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Difficulty (6)
Groupe : 1 diabolo ,
knots ,
throwing ,
pre-requisites :
crossed funambulist

crossed funambulist

very useful

crossed funambulist, throwed hight. You can see that he throws on the right of the stick : don't throw it between the sticks.
double funamulist into darkside

This is a kind of funambulist, which unwrap your diabolo instead of wrapping it. Very useful during combos or to start some other tricks.

It's also a base "knot" trick.

 the "knot"

Put the right stick on the left of the left string. Make a "fumanbule" toward the right : meaning that the diabolo should make a clockwise turn around the right stick. On the way up, the diabolo "takes" the string with.

first exit : throwing

If you just let the string fall from your right stick (as for the funambulist ), the diabolo will just fall down on your foot.
So instead, let send it up (on the right or the left) and let the string released in the air. You can then just catch it back the normal way.

evolution : the double crossed funambulist going darkside

it's not much more complicated :  just make two one after the other, without throwing. This time, you can let string fall from your stick, you will be on "darkside" (your string is straight when you cross your arms (left stick on right, and right on left) ).

Very useful to start a genocide...

Figure écrite par totofdiabolo.

© Thierry Bottaro