Category : 1 diabolo
Difficulty (35)
Groupe : 1 diabolo ,
flying stick ,
pre-requisites :
integral throwing from slide

integral throwing from slide

total flying stick and diabolo. pay attention, the guy is left handed ...

When you know quite well how to do the infinite flying stick, you can learn quite fast this trick.

During the infinite flying, put the right stick (the one you have in hand) under the diabolo, and throw quite high the diabolo with the stick. You can now throw the right stick and it will make the turn around the diabolo.

When you take back the stick in hand, you are normally just in time to pull it up for the normal "infinite flying stick" trick.

alkapote, le 13 Aug 2010

je pense que cette figure vaudrait plus qu'un petit 35

© Thierry Bottaro