Category : 1 diabolo
Difficulty (120)
Groupe : 1 diabolo ,
flying stick ,
integral ,
pre-requisites :
Jako's Integral

Jako's Integral

Very impressive and not so hard.

Jacko's integral followed by normal integral and a mini-genocide

Very nice integral with natural exit into other integral. Perfect for long combos.


  • wrap your diabolo (intern wrap)
  • place your 2 sticks above the diabolo, aligned with the string.
  • throw the 2 sticks toward exterior (the right to the right, the left to the left ) but ...
  • ... while throwing the right stick, take the right string in your right hand, between the stick and the diabolo. The stick will turn clockwise
  • While left stick unwraps the diabolo, the right stick should do one complete turn
  • and during the 2nd turn, the diabolo will be released by the left stick so you just have to catch the diabolo from bottom with the right string
  • and you catch the right stick witht he left hand while it flying up again on the left of the diabolo. (no wrap)

So you have your right hand holding the string in the middle, and the (previously left) stick can turn anti-clockwised ... so you can exit with whatever integral needing a anti-clockwise flying stick.


The Eric's integral (also called "tomicide") is a right choice (showed into the video)

but a mini-genocide or a double stick catch are also good solutions.


  • Before throwing the sticks, place the right stick near the diabolo.
  • hold the sticks easily between thumb and index
  • when the diabolo is released, you may give an impulse to the up (not done in the video)



Figure écrite par Toniox17.

© Thierry Bottaro