Category : 3 diabolos
Difficulty (505)
Groupe : 3 diabolos ,
pre-requisites :
sun on armstall

sun on armstall


sun on 3D armstall with nice exit and come back to 3 low

make a "sun armstall" like the pre-requisite, but with the stick on your side when you receive the first diabolo on your right armstall.

the 2 diabolos go on like 2 low, and you make a anti-clokwise sun with the right one.

on the video, we just exit in a wrap, hover and back to 3 low.

but you may also do a funambulist before going back to low

or even just release the string from right hand. You will just need to enlarge the 2 low before entering the 3rd diabolo.

Figure écrite par nobolos.

"You are at the last trick ...

© Thierry Bottaro