Category : 3 diabolos
Difficulty (430)
Groupe : 3 diabolos ,
pre-requisites :
throwed-wrap starting 3D

throwed-wrap starting 3D

impressive but not so hard.

Throwed wrap starting 3D, by Nobolo

As a lot of 3D start, this one begins with 2 sticks in your left hand and the 2 diabolos on the string.

Take the third diabolo by the top of the plastic (like on video) and make the diabolo touch inside the string, on the right, just under the right stick.

Now, you have to concentrate, and actually train a bit more just to get that first part. Gently release the right stick from your left hand and throw the diabolo with right hand at the same time. Naturrally, you have to throw the diabolo rolling in the right direction :)

The right stick should fly under your diabolo (pulled up by throwing the diabolo up). The stick continues and wrap the diabolo, and land back in your right hand, that naturally, you prepared : just after throwing the diabolo, you have to open your right hand toward the sky, waiting the stick.

If you throw the diabolo with the right speed/force, the stick will exactly land in your hand. Catch it firmly and start the "hover", accellerating the 3rd diabolo (wrapped) and continuing to make the 2 diabolos turning nicely, like in a normal wrap start. (in pre-requisite)

Actually, you better keep your eyes on the 2 diabolos in the string, not on throwing the 3rd diabolo.

note that the 5 last paragraphes are describing a throw-wrap which takes about half a second!

Now your are in the normal "wrap start" configuration, so go on, unwrap and play 3D!

good luck ;D

Figure écrite par nobolos.

© Thierry Bottaro