Category : 1 diabolo
Difficulty (220)
Groupe : 1 diabolo ,
excalibur ,
pre-requisites :
vertax gunslinger

vertax gunslinger

the Gunslinger, facing camera

This excalibure trick is really good for shows. It makes you turn the diabolo above your head, with 1 finger, starring at your public !

  1. Good speed excalibure is needed
  2. make a left funambulist : you have to turn quite fast to the left, and put your hands together in order to keep the diabolo in the string.
  3. Change your turning direction: turn right, and do it fast !
  4. put the right stick "inside" the string, like for a "cross" (in pre-requisite) 
  5. put your left index behind the sticks and perpendiculary to them.
  6. open  your right hand (let everything flying away). Your left finger is now trapped. and make the rest (diabolo+sticks) turn arount this left finger. You may stop turning your bod, the diabolo is already turning.
  7. take back the sticks in hands. Point them toward outside, letting the cross free.
  8. unwrap the diabolo with left hand. You may re-accelerate your diabolo in a normal excalibure position.
Figure écrite par Pierric.

nobolos, le 21 Dec 2014

je viens d'essayer et avec un roulement c'est facile mais moi je préfère le faire dans l'autre sens (funambule à droite et rotation vers la gauche)

© Thierry Bottaro