Category : 2 diabolos
Difficulty (211)
Groupe : 2 diabolos ,
pre-requisites :
Swiming 2 Diabolo (Bolas)

Swiming 2 Diabolo (Bolas)

Take as a starting point the bolas.

It's alreadw pretty but with illuminated diabolos it's splendid.

I am proud to present very little a figure to you considering or at all. :D I take as a starting point the bolas to carry out this trick.

I find that by stages they is more clearly then go there:

• Accelerate your 2 twin wheels well.

• Put the first twin wheel in yoke of the right hand. Take the other in yoke of the left hand. (Binsure conversely for the lefts)

- The things serious starts -

• Launch your 2 daibolo to the top of the head without it being touched or same cross.

• Launch your 2 daibolo to the top of the head without it being touched or same cross.

• When the twin wheels go down again, pass the right hand under the left. In same temp the left hand sends the twin wheel deriere the right hand.

- The hand its “crusader” -

• Uncross the hands on with dimensions one, in the impulse the 2 twin wheel return as at the beginning.

• Released the string which you have in the right hand.

- One finds oneself in yoke right hand -

• Made one released “String in hand” with this intention sent the rod of the twin wheel (in yoke of the right hand) to recover on the left there.

• Stop by a normal transfer.

Here it is finished good courrage there is many possible improvement always in the style bolas has you to make gone your imagination. (I will not do everything either ;P)

See you soon ! Mort de rire

Figure écrite par RLF_.

Tahia, le 02 Sep 2009

Ba c'est une figure qui n'est pas facile à passer propre au début!Je conseille d'allieurs de la passer proprement aux bolas ca aide beaucoup :D!
Aprés je dirais que tout est dans les coup de poignets :)

RLF_, le 03 Sep 2009

Je sais pas si t'est le "vrai" Tahia.
([i]edit Thierry : oui, c'est le "vrai", y'a un topic dessus, d'ailleurs [/i])
Les bolas aide a comprendre le mouvement mais apres c'est pa totalement pareil Sa se joue beaucoup de ce decalé sur le coté. il faut faire un mouvement beaucoup plus ample avec les bras contrement au bolas ou tout se joue dans le poignet :D
Respect Tahia pour tes tricks inédit :)

© Thierry Bottaro