Category : 2 diabolos
Difficulty (213)
Groupe : 2 diabolos ,
pre-requisites :
Anti-sun Start

Anti-sun Start

Nice start.

anti-sun start
  1. You should have 1 diabolo accelerated in the string.
  2. Group your sticks in the left hand, in cross.
  3. Send your 2nd diabolo with a small rotating speed with your right hand, on the left of the other diabolo
  4. The 2nd diabolo should have enough speed toward the down to pass under the other diabolo (which slightly jump above)
  5. When your sent diabolo comes back to your right hand (after passing under the other one) just take it in simple wrap with the right hand.
  6. Just accelerate your wrapped diabolo, as for a "snail start"
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© Thierry Bottaro