Category : 2 diabolos
Difficulty (255)
Groupe : 2 diabolos ,
pre-requisites :
start wrap suicide 2 diabolos

start wrap suicide 2 diabolos

2D Suicide Start, in 2 versions : first "normal wrap, and unwrap". 2nd version : with "transfer" due to external wrap

To begin, you give a good acceleration at the first diabolo.
With your left hand, you catch the string while keeping the left stick in the left hand.
You let fall the right stick and you let it swing to the left.
When it swings back, you send the second diabolo on the string, the right stick will make a wrap around this diabolo.

Here, you've two posibilities:
-If the stick pass between you and the diabolo, you have got an internal wrap and you can make a simple out. (simple un wrap)
-If the stick pass between the diabolo and the public, you've got an external wrap and you must make a transfert. (see prerequisite)

Good luck !!

Figure écrite par Raph.

© Thierry Bottaro