Category : 1 diabolo
Difficulty (3)
Groupe : 1 diabolo ,
various ,
pre-requisites :
throw and catch back

throw and catch back


a simple throw and catch back

you succeeded to make the diabolo rolling on the string, and you get bored...

Don't be, there is a rapid trick and easily spectacular to learn

be sure your diabolo is horizontal

to keep your diabolo horizontal you have to know 2 tricks, look at the "stabilization" part of the pre-requisite trick "easy start"

then throw it

But make it nicely! Intuitively people tend to just move up the arms... But the most important is to move the arms appart to stretch the string. You can make both at the same time, but the most important is too stretch.

on top of that, pay attention to throw it vertically (a bit towards you) and not on the right/left nor toward the public.

and catch it back

here again, people tend to forget the most important thing : STRETCH THE STRING ! with a floating string, you have nearly no chance to get it.

A second trick is to stretch it above your head (more than in the video), with the  right stick a bit above the left one, and guiding the string under the diabolo. 

Just when the diabolo hit the string, you have to unstretch it in order to amortize the diabolo. If you keep stretching it strongly, diabolo will rebond ... and that's another trick, but for later. Now, we want it just quietly back on the string, and roll it again.


So now, with 5 or 10 minutes of try, you should get your first trick done :)

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© Thierry Bottaro