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Groupe : 2 diabolos ,
pre-requisites :
Starting laché reverse

Starting laché reverse

Departure rather complex but very pretty!

the 2 different start 2D in inverse suicide. First : external wrap and transfer Second: simple internal wrap. The stills show the exact position of the stick at start for the 2 variations.
This departure is complex so I'll explain how to do it.

instalation of diabolo

There are two ways to put the Diabolo:

- Internal wrap : the stick is on the side of the juggler.

- External wrap: the stick is on the side of the public or the camera.

the launch

The launch will take place with the right hand (for right handers) below Diabolo (the stick must be between the middle and the fourth finger) previously wrapped. And then you're going to perform the normal inverse launch but you must also give a strong kick to speed up your diabolo.


- If you have an external wrap, you must either make a transfer or a fan C.

- If you have an internal wrap, undo it as if you just have accelerated your Diabolo.


You can perform a double, triple or even quadruple reverse launch but the only thing you must remember is to accelerate your diabolo enough.
Figure écrite par bastien25.

antoine 222, le 09 Jan 2013

Super figure. C'est bien expliqué (et je pense pas que ça doit être facile d'être aussi compréhensible pour une figure compliquée comme celle-là). La vidéo est très bien. Bravo !!

bastien25, le 09 Jan 2013

Merci beaucoups pour tous vos compliments!!!!!

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