Category : 2 diabolos
Difficulty (240)
Groupe : 2 diabolos ,
start ,
flying stick
pre-requisites :
2D Start with thrown swing

2D Start with thrown swing

nice and not so difficult

2D start in thrown swing

This start is finaly not so difficult if you masterise the 3 pre-requisites.

The knot :

  1. point your left stick to the right.
  2. put your right string above the left stick (the string should come from behind the left stick)
  3. coming from left, pass the string under the diabolo
  4. hang again the string on the left stick
  5. You can now point the stick to the front, and pull the right stick to the down, near the bottom level of the diabolo
  6. let the stick hang free (open your right hand), and take the 2nd diabolo with the finger under the axis.

Throwing and start :

send the complete knot and diabolo to the left. The diabolo should hang like a swing and come back to the right in a circular trajectory. Simultaneously, as the diabolo start to go down, you throw the 2nd diabolo with your right hand with a bit of spin in the string.Then, you catch the flying stick with your right hand, you are now in a 2D position with a normal wrap on the right.

You just have to free the wrap to go in carrousel.

Figure écrite par Ewaren.

© Thierry Bottaro