Category : 1 diabolo
Difficulty (144)
Groupe : 1 diabolo ,
integral ,
flying stick
pre-requisites :
integral duicide

integral duicide

sorry, this tutorial is in french, but the slow-motion should really help you :) and the rest of the explanation is in english :)

start with a duicide, which consist in throwing the 2 sticks and the diabolo: This is explain in a pre-requisite.

All the difficulty is in the speed of the stick around the diabolo. Too fast, you can't manage to do the following. Too slow, you can't even catch the good string.

When the duicide comes back to you, catch the 2nd string with your right hand near the diabolo. If you are to far, then the stick won't catch up (like a genocide) the diabolo.

Then catch the stick itself after a complete turn around the diabolo (a wrap). You should now continue in a infinite flying stick (also in pre-requisite)

Figure écrite par Max du 65.

© Thierry Bottaro