Category : 1 diabolo
Difficulty (167)
Groupe : 1 diabolo ,
flying stick ,
pre-requisites :
Reverse Integral

Reverse Integral

Quite pretty, if it is well done.

integral reverse


The reverse integral's an integral followed by a kind of Jako's flying stick. You catch the stick -that would normally form an extern wrap- BEFORE this wrap gets formed, and you launch it back in the other direction as this will release the stick, then caught by the other stick that was continuing turning! At the end, you can follow up with a mini-genocide wrap, or, more easily, do not change hand, and finish with only a wrap. We will instead opt for the easy way ... : P


The beginning of the trick is exactly the same as for an basic integral : you can enter with two left magic knots (or right then left), with a « go to darkside » or with any other figures resulting from a darkside left.

Then, also as a basic integral, make the diabolo go to the right to file the diabolo on the string as a « funambulist in the hand ». Now, there are no knots on the diabolo, and the right stick's turning. All right, we can begin the integral!

Well. Now make the right stick go around the diabolo (by the left) and catch it quickly before it has made a wrap : before it's done a full turn. When you'll have caught the stick, the string will be between you and the right stick (held in left hand), or between this stick and the public. In the latter case, the result will be easier, but most of the time, the first case happens. Indeed, the next step is make the stick « bounce » by throwing it in the other side, to release the diabolo, as stated in the description.

Now, the turning stick's going to get into action. You have tou make this turning stick go catch the diabolo, released in the previous step. Then the diabolo will be « catched » in the manner of a Jako's dropped wand. Catch the stick which released the diabolo, then the one which has catched it. Now you just have to undo the wrap, and voila, you just made a reverse integral!


If you can not make the integral and the "bounce" be speed (when doing the sort of Jako's flying sticks ...) you can run it through several rounds until you are ready to the « jako's ». : )

Figure écrite par ben-2-8.

maxdiabolo, le 23 May 2010

Ça aurait était sympa un ralenti au moment important de la figure.

dictator, le 23 May 2010

si on a mis les vidéos sous quicktime c'est pour justement se passer des ralentis, étant donné que tu peux t'arrêter où tu veux dans la vidéo (contrairement a youtube et daily)

maxdiabolo, le 23 May 2010

Regarde la au ralenti on voit presque pas les baguettes en mouvement.

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