Category : 1 diabolo
Difficulty (295)
Groupe : 1 diabolo ,
excalibur ,
pre-requisites :
Big 8 in excalibure

Big 8 in excalibure

fun and beautiful

This strick has been invented by Sharp's brother (as far as we know).

In excalibure, you should draw aside your arms and  your legs.

Then you unwrap the diabolo, put it lower than your knees.

Your right hand should come behind you, between your legs. To go to far with your hand, the diabolo should jump quite early, because the string is tended by you right leg which fold the string.

Your left hand should be in front of you and recieve the diabolo which jumps from the string behind you. Once you recieve the diabolo, you make the same movement on your left : the diabolo jumps from the left string  behind your legs and is received by the front string with your right hand.

You can continue to make this trick as long as your diabolo spins, because the position at the beginning and at the end of the trick is the same :)

Figure écrite par benji.

© Thierry Bottaro