Category : 2 diabolos
Difficulty (202)
Groupe : 2 diabolos ,
beginning ,
pre-requisites :
Synchrone/Asynchrone moves

Synchrone/Asynchrone moves

Unavoidable for 2low!!

Asynchron mode then synchron, and again asynchron mode with 2 diabolos.
It was easier to learn has one of the two, the one that suits us better and which one will be a more comfortable. This is only a matter of movement of arms. The start is the same whatever of your movement.

To go further we must explain what the difference between these two movements:
Explanation for righties /!\ (reverse for left-handed)

* Movement SYNCHRONE: Movement in which both hands are synchronized (example: down the right hand, left it down too)

* Movement ASYNCHRONOUS: Otherwise, the baguette are constantly opposed a movement (for example: the right hand down, left up). The left hand is often very slightly elevated over the right hand and the position is a little more profile (such detail are doing alone without you need you to worry)

Both movements have the same function, the right hand pushes the Diabolo to the left under the other diabolo and the left hand pushes the diabolo to the right by passing above.

The only difference that can be observed from the outside is a carroussel (circle of two diabolos) may differ in shape.

Here is a small theoretical court to choose between the two movements or to know whose we practice!Sourire
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